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Nutritional facts of walnuts

Walnuts are full of Vitamins, Minerals, protein, essential elements and antioxidants. It contain Copper, Phosphorus,Phosphorus,Magnesium, Calcium, Iron,Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Folate, Folic Acid, Omega-3,
it has good kind of fats -polyunsaturated fats which is consider better for health.

Health Benefits of Walnuts:

1. walnuts are Super Plant Source of Omega-3, It’s an essential fat.It protect from heat diseases.
2. Antioxidants present in walnuts give protection with a strong immune system.
3. It is observed that, It may decrease inflammation.It prevents the blood clotting, lower the chances of heart attack.
4. Walnut promotes a healthy gut and is important for the healthy digestion process.
5. Walnuts are effective against the risk of cancer.
6. Like other dry fruits, walnuts are also good for type 2 diabetics.
7. Walnuts are good for the brain and nerve system and prevent and cure Alzheimer’s disease.
8. It prevents iron deficiency and prevents and cures anemia.
9. It is observed that walnuts are also effective to prevent and cure cancer.
10. walnuts boost the metabolism, and help with digestion, growth and development and other metabolic processes.
11. walnuts are best to cure sleeping disorder. Walnuts help in the production of melatonin. It is a hormone that helps induce sleep.
12.Walnuts help in the production of sperms and improve the quality of sperms. They add to sperm’s vitality and mobility.
13.Walnuts help fight these free radicals and good for healthy skin and hair. It also helps
14.During the pregnancy sufficient amount of folate is required. Walnuts contain a good amount of folate and vitamin B complex which help with the healthy growth of the Fetus.
15.They are very rich in protein and help in healthy weight loss.
16.Walnuts help with increased absorption of calcium in the body and help in the healthy bone development process.