Shiv Export is one of the leading Dehydrated onion supplier in India.
Ensuring an acceptable level of food quality and safety we offer Premium quality Dehydrated onion, Dehydrated garlic like White onion kibbled, White onion powder, Red onion powder, Red onion kibbled, Garlic powder, Granulated garlic, and other Indian spices. These objectives can be achieved by implementing and monitoring quality assurance measures along the entire Production & Supply Chain of Dehydrated onion, Dehydrated garlic like Onion kibbled,Onion flakes, Onion powder, Garlic powder, Granulated garlic and other Indian Spices.

From the farmer to the Manufacturer and Suppliers to the Consumer, shares in the responsibilities to keep the food supply safe by taking the necessary precautions to keep food protected from decomposition, contamination, and undesired foreign materials.We apply the principles of the engineering science, biological science, environmental science and informatic science to exploit new methods for Dehydrated food production, and efficient utilization of agro resources, and develop theory and technology to modernize the traditional food industry.

While supplying our Dehydrated onion, Dehydrated garlic and other Dehydrated vegetables and spices products we strive to maintain Food Safety Standards (ISO 22000) & Hygienic Conditions. During the dehydration process raw-material is strictly undergoes Quality inspection, Washing, Shorting and dehydration process. Our state-of-art Dehydration process  at the last stage of the manufacturing process Metal detection test is carried out.

As a reliable Dehydrated onion supplier,and supplier of Dehydrated garlic and other spices we strive to control Quality of our Products. Our Spices Products passes though the various Quality Parameter Check:


– Purity of the products.

We source raw products from the evaluated farmers & suppliers with selecting the right land to be cultivated for food crop production and planting the best-quality seeds of the most appropriate varieties.
Where only authorized and acceptable chemical inputs-fertilizers, pesticides are applied without using any hazardous chemicals and pesticides.

Other pentameter like moisture, Total Ash Counts and Acid Solubility are strictly controlled by our Quality Control Team.

We do not add any type of extra undesirable additives in products.


Desired Texture and Color is maintained with our modern equipment and technology.
Ensuring Material free from foreign particles like Human hairs, dust ect with using appropriate cleaning and sanitizing techniques and use of protective clothing and strict observation of rules of hygiene by personnel involved in handling and processing. Metal particles detection test is carried out to ensure the Products free from any metal particles.
Food Losses minimize with maintaining standard production & Packing and Storage Method.
Anti Caking solution with maintaining optimum moisture and standard Production & packing methods
Export worthy Packing ensures the safety of the products and arrival of material to customer at the same stat in which material is packed.


We strictly control the presence of any microbes in the products.
use of appropriate sanitary measures to prevent microbial contamination and assurance of optimum sanitary conditions for processing units.
time and temperature controls in place to prevent microbial growth in the susceptible intermediate and finished process.


We do not use genetically modified Agro Products for our production purpose.