Dehydrated white onion is produced from the best quality Indian origin fresh white onions. These dehydrated white onion products are famous for their pungency, delicious taste, flavor, aroma, and quality. Expertise in the drying process and quality control ensure the excellent quality with the retained natural value & nutrition. We take great care to produce finished products as per the European quality standards. Our dehydrated white onion products are available as white onion flakes (Onion Kibbled), white onion chopped, onion minced, onion granules (Granulated Onion), and onion powder. We also supply the varied needs of our customers for other customized sizes & textures. This dehydrated white onion is absolutely matchless and cannot be replaced when there is a need for a quality taste of white onion. This dried white onion is widely used in various food preparations, salads, spice mixes, fast foods, seasoning & condiment, continental food recipes, gravies, sauces, and numerous other cuisines, culinary, and food ingredient purposes. We are fully committed and dedicated to our global customers while offering dehydrated white onion with the best economic prices and promise of excellent service support. Standard Specification of Dehydrated White Onion Quality  : Free From Pests,Sand & Other Foreign Matters Appearance : Well cleaned. Pure White Quality Odor /Taste : Pungent & Typical Characteristics Particle Size : Standard Sizes are given in the below Table.

Dehydrated White Onion Products Standard size (in mm)
Onion Flakes/Kibbled 8.0 – 17.0 mm
Onion Chopped 3.0 – 5.0 mm  , 5.0 – 8.0 mm
Onion Minced 1.0 – 3.0 mm, 2.0 – 4.0 mm
Onion Granules 0.2 – 0.5 mm , 0.5 – 1.0 mm
Onion Powder 80 – 100 mesh, 100-120 mesh

STORAGE : ** Cool, Dry, Dark Place with 22 ‘C Temp. (Ideal Cold storage).

Specification of Dehydrated White Onion Kibbled/Flakes Minced Chopped Granules Powder
Moisture Content 6.0-7.0% Max 4.0-5.0% Max 4.0-5.0% Max 4.0-5.0% Max 4.0-5.0% Max
Hot Water Insoluble 20.0% Max 20.0% Max 20.0% Max 20.0% Max 20.0% Max
Ash Content 3.0% Max 3.0% Max 3.0% Max 3.0% Max 3.0% Max
Acid Insoluble Ash 0.5% Max 0.5% Max 0.5% Max 0.5% Max 0.5% Max
Major Defects 1.0% Max 1.0% Max 1.0% Max 1.0% Max 1.0% Max
Foreign Matter Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil

Microbiological Analysis: (Kibbled, Minced, Chopped, Granules)

T.P.C. <100,000/GM
Coliforms <1000/GM
E.Coli 10/gm
Molds & Yeasts <1000/g
Staph.Aureus <100/g
B.Cereus <100/g
Salmonella absent/25 g

Production Process :

  1. Finest Grade Raw White Onions are Selected
  2. Washing
  3. Peeling & Tailing
  4. Cutting & Slicing,
  5. Washing by Medicated Water,
  6. Drying-In 5 Layer Steel Dryer With Auto Belt Conveyor System
  7. Grading,
  8. Moisture Controlling-With Binary Drying
  9. Temperature Equalizing
  10. Color Shorting
  11. Metal Detection,
  12. Weighing & Packing,
  13. Storage
  14. Container Stuffing

Organoletic Properties: color : Milky White Color Taste : Typical Sharper Taste of Fresh White Onions Aroma : Strong Pungency with Typical fantastic astringent Aroma & Flavor of Fresh White Onions

Dehydrated White Onion – Key Features:

  • Fine Quality with Retained Natural values
  • Exotic Aroma and Rich Taste
  • Desired color and texture
  • Hygienically Processed, Offers the highest food safety.
  • Without Adulteration and Free from Foreign Particles,
  • Product is cleaned by COLOUR SHORTEX MACHINE
  • Metal Detection assures the Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metal-free finished Product.
  • Our Dried White Onion products are GMO-free, Gluten-free.
  • American and European Standards -Extra Low Bacteria/Low bacteria, Standard Bacteria
  • Long Extended Shelf Life
  • Available with customized weatherproof hygienic packing.
  • Our Excellent Quality Dehydrated White Onion products are Available at most economical prices.

Application: Dehydrated White Onion like white onion flakes, white onion chopped, white onion minced white onion granules, white onion powder are suitable for varied food preparations, Recipes, Fast Foods, Snacks, Culinary purposes, wherever white onion flavor, taste & desired white Onion texture is required. White onion contains medicinal properties and also used in medicinal proposes.

  • Fine Quality with Retained Natural values 
  •  Exotic Aroma & Rich Taste
  •  Desired color and texture
  •  Hyginically Processed, Offers highest food safety.
  •  Without Adultration & Free from Foreign Particles,
  •  Product is cleaned by COLOUR SHORTEX MACHINE
  •  Auto Rejection Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metal detector totally free the product from metal.
  •  GMO free. Gluten free.
  •  American & European Standards -Extra Low Bacteria/Low bacteria, Standard Bacteria Bacteria
  •  Long Extended Self Life
  •  Available with customized Weather proof hyginic packing.
  •  Available at most economical Prices

Application: Fast food, snack foods, food service packs, stuffing mixes, pickled products, meat products, sea food products, recipes, canned foods, salad dressing, dips, bottle packs, seasoning, bakery topping, gourmet sauces, seasoning and in many other as ingredients anti-inflammatory, anti-cholesterol, anticancer and antioxidant properties.