We are engaged in manufacturer and supply of Kibbled Onions produce from the quality grade fresh onions. These raw onions are carefully selected from the evaluated farmers and vendors. Kibbled onions are available as white onion kibbled, Red Onion kibbled and Pink Kibbled onions.Generally Kibbled Red Dehydrated Onions and Kibbled white Dehydrated Onions are available in standard size of 8-25 mm with A, B and Commercial Grades. Other Special cut sizes also available on request.

Particle Size 6 – 25 mm.


Specification Kibbled onions/Flakes
Moisture content 6-7% max
Hot water insoluble 20% max
Ash content 3% max
Acid insoluble ash 0.5% max
Major defects 1% max
Foreign matter nil


Features :

  • Fine Quality with Retained Natural values 
  •  Exotic Aroma & Rich Taste
  •  Desired color and texture
  •  Hyginically Processed, Offers highest food safety.
  •  Without Adultration & Free from Foreign Particles,
  •  Product is cleaned by COLOUR SHORTEX MACHINE
  •  Auto Rejection Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metal detector totally free the product from metal.
  •  GMO free. Gluten free.
  •  American & European Standards -Extra Low Bacteria/Low bacteria, Standard Bacteria Bacteria
  •  Long Extended Self Life
  •  Available with customized Weather proof hyginic packing.
  •  Available at most economical Prices

Application of Kibbled Onions

  • Used in varied food preparations Wherever onion flavor & taste is required & appearance & texture of onion is desired. 
  • Dry soups mixes 
  • Sauces preparations 
  • Ethnic food preparations 
  • Dry or frozen vegetable mixes 
  • Dry casserole mixes