Shiv Export supply premium quality dehydrated garlic powder, which is processed from properly selected superior grade garlic which are organically grown. In our production process, finest grade dehydrated garlic cloves that have been ground to a powder.Garlic is highly nutritious in nature and have important medicinal values.

Dehydrated Garlic powder is produced in well equipped processing unit, with advance technology and modern facilities.This process includes shelling, washing, drying, picking, grinding and packaging, which is carried out under the stick supervision of our Production experts and Quality team.

Our Dehydrated garlic powder is appreciated for their quality assurance and pungency in flavor and taste. Garlic powder is commonly used to cook with or to bake with. Garlic Powder is a very common seasoning. Applications of Garlic Powder includes pasta, pizza, and grilled food precipices.Garlic Powder disperses well in liquids, so it’s a good choice for marinades.It can be also mixed with some dried spice blends to provide the unique garlic flavor. Garlic salt can be produced from the garlic powder.

Medicinal Values:

-It Help In Preventing Heart diseases
-Cure and prevents Atherosclerosis
-Act as potent hypo lipidemic agent -Reduces High cholesterol
-Useful to cure High blood pressure
-Prevents and cures Cancer
-Have therapeutic value for Urinary system
-Garlic Strengthen the Immune System

Dehydrated Garlic Powder (80-100 mesh)

Features :

  • Fine Quality with Retained Natural values 
  •  Exotic Aroma & Rich Taste
  •  Desired color and texture
  •  Hyginically Processed, Offers highest food safety.
  •  Without Adultration & Free from Foreign Particles,
  •  Product is cleaned by COLOUR SHORTEX MACHINE
  •  Auto Rejection Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metal detector totally free the product from metal.
  •  GMO free. Gluten free.
  •  American & European Standards -Extra Low Bacteria/Low bacteria, Standard Bacteria Bacteria
  •  Long Extended Self Life
  •  Available with customized Weather proof hyginic packing.
  •  Available at most economical Prices

Medicinal Value:

  • Good nutritional value 
  • Ideal for skin infections
  •  Reduce cholesterol
  • Good source of fiber and protein.
  • High Blood Pressure 
  • Heart diseases
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Used in Prevention from cold and flu 
  • Natural repellent against mosquito